ScriptProofer is coming soon!

ScriptProofer is an automated proof-reading tool for Transcribers, Transcription Quality Controllers, and Writers of all kinds.

How does it work? You paste your text into ScriptProofer, which proof-reads it, and gives you the corrected copy. You can choose whether to automate the correction or step through it manually, like the spell-checker in Microsoft Word.

ScriptProofer cannot work miracles – it does not do a spell-check or grammar check, since those can be done in a word processor. It cannot check that your text makes sense and reads like Shakespeare. But it can check and correct many other features of text (see below), and is especially useful for ensuring consistency across multiple documents, and ensuring conformity to a house style.

You can configure how ScriptProofer checks your text, and you can set your own rules.

If you're a transcriber, stay on the right side of your customers or Quality Controller by running your documents through ScriptProofer before submitting them!

If you're a Quality Controller, let ScriptProofer save you the mind-numbing task of making endless repetitive corrections, and impress your clients with consistently accurate transcripts!

ScriptProofer can check for and correct vocabulary, punctuation, layout and appearance, regional English, numbers/dates/times, timestamps, and "intelligent verbatim" issues.

Below is a more detailed list of issues that ScriptProofer can flag up for automated or optional correction.

• duplicated words, e.g. "Paris in the the spring"
• commonly confused or misspelt words (affect/effect, discreet/discrete, it's/its)
• words with non-standard characters (e.g. cliché)
• changing case of "abbreviation" words to all upper/lower case or initial capital, e.g. NATO, nato, Nato.
• slang: gonna - going to, wanna - want to, sorta - sort of, kinda - kind of, alright - all right, tonite – tonight, thru – through, anymore - any more, Ok –okay, etc

• multiple capitals at start, e.g. INformation
• insert or delete full stops after specific lower-case abbreviations like ie, eg, etc, am, pm (also titles, like Dr, Mr, Mrs)
• change "..." to ellipsis or vice versa
• change "&" to "and" or vice versa
• change "+" to "plus" or "and" or vice versa
• 1980's – add or remove apostrophe
• Remove commas after and, but, or, so, i.e. to correct mistakes such as: "I was hungry, so, I ate."
• ensure consistency of just one (or two) spaces after each comma/period/exclamation mark/question mark.
• if a word consists of all capitals, add or delete full stops after each letter
• ensure entire script is same font size, except first line
• ensure entire script is same font
• ensure each sentence begins with capital letter
• ensure each paragraph ends with a period, exclamation mark, question mark or ellipsis
• flag up uneven number of punctuation marks which should always be in duplicate, e.g. ( ) [ ] { } " " ‘ ' " " ' ' " " « »
• flag up incorrectly repeated punctuation marks: ,, ;; :: ‘'
• flag up capitals mid-word, e.g. inFormation

• ensure that only one line is left between each paragraph
• flag up strikethroughs
• check left- or centre-justification
• flag up page breaks
• check paragraph indents
• check tabs
• check highlights
• check boldings
• check italics
• check underlines
• check text color
• check headings
• check consistency of speaker IDs

• flag up words whose spelling varies by country, e.g. colour/color, hypothesise/hypothesize
• flag up words whose meaning varies by country, e.g. boot/trunk, chimney/flue

• ensure correct formatting of fractions according to house style
• ensure correct formatting of percentages according to house style
• ensure correct formatting of currencies according to house style
• ensure correct formatting of dates according to house style: 26 June 1980, 26th June 1980, June 26 1980, June 26th 1980, 6/26/1980, 6-26-1980, 6-26-80, the 26th of June 1980
• ensure correct formatting of times of day according to house style: 2.15 pm, 14.15, 14:15, quarter past two
• ensure correct formatting of decades according to house style: 1980's, 1980s, the 80s

• ensure timestamps are sequential (i.e. that they appear in chronological order)
• check that minutes and seconds do not exceed 59
• convert one format of timestamp to another
• convert numbers in the timestamps into other numbers
• remove hours from timestamps
• remove seconds from timestamps
• convert timestamps into just seconds or just minutes
• convert timestamps into decimal hours, e.g. 01:30:00 becomes 1.5

• flag up "filler" words, e.g. like, kind of, sort of, I mean, you know
• flag up stutters, e.g. "h-he"

We welcome more suggestions!

To be informed at the time of ScriptProofer's launch, please email: